Don’t you just love it when your husbands alarm clock goes off 3 @&#=$(#) times on a Saturday before 6am? As soon as my mind awakes, game on..

I am really NOT a morning person. My husband is so much better than me. Plays with the 2 dogs, our cat, our bird doesn’t like him that much…but it doesn’t stop Joey from showing him love too,
Unless there is blood, Leave me ALONE. Lol

Kidding (not really) I’m just not a morning person..Joey is who I refer to as “Cinderella” animals love him. And so do I. 💕🥰

I have so much stored in my brain, I don’t even know where to begin. I want the pain to stop, the mental battle, the hurt, all of it….to be quite.. even if just for one day. I’ve started meditation.. controlled breathing. Watching motivated speakers & listening to pod casts. Pills work faster.. especially if you double up. Berne Brown made the statement in one of her speeches “Numbing the pain means numbing everything. The joy, the happy, not just the mental distress and anxiety.” I have pretty much watched all her stuff and hope to read her books soon. That statement changes everything.. you can too! So what will it be,? I want to hear from you. How are you coping?

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