Marriage…a child. Life changing and eye opening.

The word Marriage has so much meaning & feeling in it. Kind of like the Name of Jesus. Marriage can bring many tears, laughter, hope, joy, sadness, loneliness, peace, forgivenesses, kindness, patience, goodness, self-control, faithfulness … Many of these are “fruits of the Spirit” Self-Control and Forgiveness… can be the hardest ones. Love can hurtContinue reading “Marriage…a child. Life changing and eye opening.”

She is her fathers daughter…so he says..

Last night as I was telling a story from my childhood to my husband about how my father called a “family meeting” to tell us we we’re all moving from Oxford,Alabama (Oxford, Anniston, or Cullman-bad memory) to the great state of Washington! “Washington DC!”, I asked excited. “No, Washington State.”, my dad said smiling. Joey,Continue reading “She is her fathers daughter…so he says..”

Buddha, Mitsubishi, & Alligators

March 29th – Wed. hump day. What’s happen! Well. I haven’t clearly wrote in awhile but everythings peachy. I’m not working with my parent’s anymore. The $ just wasn’t happen for the drive anymore. We went to see AK1200 in Atlanta at the atrium March 18th! It was off the Hook!! SO FHAT! We hadContinue reading “Buddha, Mitsubishi, & Alligators”