Who am I?

Hello. My name is Katrina, better known as Kat Travis.

Who am I? That is a phenomenal question. I am a mother to my 13 year old daughter, married to the love of my life, daddy and mommy’s little girl, little sister to my big sister and brother, that crazy chick to my friends, ex-wife to my daughters daddy, training coordinator at a non-profit that deals with kids with intellectual disabilities, and the person who feeds the 5 animals in my house. Most importantly and even though my crown is tarnished, bent, and worn a little crooked, I am a child of the King.

Who am I? That is still a question I have yet to answer.. I will be 42 in 2022 and I am hoping that doing this blog and sharing my life will in turn- help me answer that question better and maybe, just maybe, help someone else along the way..

Let’s take this journey together.

To help anyone dealing with grief, hurts, anxiety, depression, divorce, raising kids, needing to not feel alone or you just might need a laugh. Try and keep up with me, I dare you!

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