She is her fathers daughter…so he says..

Last night as I was telling a story from my childhood to my husband about how my father called a “family meeting” to tell us we we’re all moving from Oxford,Alabama (Oxford, Anniston, or Cullman-bad memory) to the great state of Washington! “Washington DC!”, I asked excited. “No, Washington State.”, my dad said smiling. Joey, my husband, said “Oh my God, you are your father!” Joey was laughing and I take this as a complement because in my eyes it’s always been #1 Jesus #2 Daddy.

So- I am starting my blog back. I DO NOT have an English degree, I don’t use correct punctuation or any of that other crap the right way. So if that bothers you. You may not want to keep reading.

I do, however, try. I have some deep hurts, crippling anxiety, and bouts of depression. I also have a very sick sense of humor so… stay with me if you want. I am done holding it all in! Let the healing begin…or hurting.. pfff whichever. I know, I’m not alone… and neither are you… .

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