Who Am I?

March 31st 2000

okay what’s up? We are gonna fo to florida this weekend. maybe we shouldn’t but we’re young. We’ve got time! I see my self 10 yrs from now married yes. working yes. but doing what I have no idea. I keep thinking that I will find my self, but I guess looking would be the first thing. I want to plant a garden. aranged in tie die looking circle Sherry graduates in May. I’ve been out of High School 1yr. Sometimes it feels like months. One thing for sure I love Dave.

10 years from the day this was written would have been March 31st 2010. I had been married to my daughter’s father for 4 years by then and Katelyn was 10 months old. I was working at T-Mobile in Tiger Town as a retail store manager. Making a good living but missing all my daughters “firsts”. Working in retail you work nights, weekends, and holidays. I was scared to death of being a mom and working my tail off at the same time. I loved my job but missed being home watching my baby grow up. I still was not where I felt like I should have been in life. I was married, had the kid, was going to church, but something was still missing…

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