Buddha, Mitsubishi, & Alligators

March 29th – Wed. hump day.

What’s happen! Well. I haven’t clearly wrote in awhile but everythings peachy. I’m not working with my parent’s anymore. The $ just wasn’t happen for the drive anymore. We went to see AK1200 in Atlanta at the atrium March 18th! It was off the Hook!! SO FHAT! We had a great time Buttas : thumbs up. Midsabusse: alagaters (correct spelling should be buddhas, mitsubishi, an alligators. I am referring to ecstasy pills, as you can see in the journal entry I went back and wrote the number of how many I took and circled it, impressive Kat :/ ) It was intense. Me & Dave are great. We go to court June 15th pretrial and June 26th trial. everythings peachy. Sherry’s about to graduate Lissa is a wonderful friend (Bestest in the world)
She almost moved to Atlanta but she stayed. thank goodness. I’m looking for a joB (kinda) Maybe painting w/ my aunt or wait tables 3 nights a week. I haven’t decided. I’ve decided this I am quiting smoking pot! I’ve got to to get a good job


Well. Untill laster on:
Oh (my friend) dad died. But she’s strong! and Jesus will help her & her friends.

I read what I wrote back then as if it was someone else writing it. I was there. Some stuff I remember and some stuff I don’t but “who is this girl” is what I am thinking as I am reading it, typing it… trying to understand. It honestly blows my mind the girl writing these journals and the girl typing away on this keyboard. It helps me to understand why I am always trying to be better.. to do better.. Of course these attributes were instilled by my parents. I was raised to be respectful, honest, think of others more than yourself, work hard for what you want in life, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal.. All the “normal things” we try to teach our kids today (well most of us any way) I know the exact day that everything changed.

Of course I am not going to just come out and spill the beans… I am sure it is written in one of these journals somewhere…

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