April 3rd

We went to PC Beach this past weekend. Went to Club VeLa no drugs – nothing – pure adrenaline. I had a great time. I danced more than I ever do at any other party. πŸ™‚ The after party was kickin to adn we ended up with the 1/2 owner later that day and he let us in to dance & get down but the other 1/2 owner found out and we had to leave 😦 We meet some cool people. hung out for awhile (Some friends) meet us we rode the PCB strip we hooked up on some “chicken” that wasn’t to good. (bathroom crank) But oh Well! We left about 8:00pm and it took me 5 hrs to get home b/c Dave passed out. πŸ™‚
anyways it was good to get away. Now we’re looking forward to April 22nd. The Auburn Army is having another Party. 1st Party I love Dave and at this very moment april 5th 8:32pm we can’t find Dave’s Keys & Jackie (girl) stayed in PCB. She hasn’t come home yet. I wonder. I hope she makes it Back. She’s 22 yrs old but… I hope she’s ok (she had never been there B4)

April 7th

Jackie called last night she was in Columbus. She wanted us to come pick her up, but we had no $ or gas. I know she’s okay now I’m just waiting for her to Return to Auburn.

The trip to PCB back then was when you could jump in your car with a change of clothes and tooth brush and take off… and we did. It was one of the rare times we went out to the club/party sober but not bc we wanted too. We just didn’t score any there. It was always a top priority. I had to drive us back and boy it was a long drive. I can’t remember if Jackie rode down with us down there, I am assuming she did. I remember begging her to come back with us and worried for so long that something had happened to her. Remember we didn’t have cell phones at this time! I honestly don’t recall ever talking to her again after the call from Columbus asking us to come get her.

April 14th

hello. hello. Well, the middle of the month is here. Nothing too much has happened. (Friend) is still in jail for seeing Steve —- get shot. (Different Friend) is in jail, cause he was leaving Zelda’s web (drunk) a car had no brakes he hit it another car hit the car he hit killed a little boy manslautter. Crazy. Seems everyones going down. On a better note (Friend) and (Friend) are getting married on the 22nd after the Blizzard party on the 21st. I’m not working but I quite smoken’ to better my life. and with Gods will and my wonderful determenation I will overcome. After the summer I’m going to start ICS classes.
I “heart” Dave —-

At the time I was writing this I was so clueless has to how close I was to my life taking a very dark turn that night at Zelda’s Web. I was there that night. I was drunk and chose to drive home too. I could have hit the car with no brake lights.. any of us there that night could have been in that car.. My friend spent 20+ years in jail after that night.. One of the kindest, sweetest people in the world and whose family is some of the nicest people I know… I want to say we didn’t make our friends wedding either.. Not to say we didn’t try though.. It’s sad how I can write about people getting shot and and going to jail so casually.. “Oh not to much happened”… It’s easy to say today we are “numb” from seeing all this behavior on the internet and TV. I believe I was “numb” at this time from doing drugs. The reality of what I was living had not quite hit me yet.. but it was coming..

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