Tickets Please

March 1st 2000

I talked to Justin today! March 18th AK & Nockternal. He might get us the tickets. ?We will meet him & stay. that the plan. -Reminder to tell Dave when I get home. 11:10am

March 3 2000 TGIF

Today’s Friday. thank goodness wonder what todays or rather this weekend will Be maybe me & Dave can be together. Just Us.
Whooooooo =)

(“Justin” was my best friend) He passed away in 2016. He moved back to Atlanta after high school. He did get us tickets, if I remember correctly. Guess we will find out as I continue with the journal entries. Did I ever tell Dave? What happened from 3/1/2000-3/3/2000?I suppose we will see lots of “gaps” in days. To be honest I more that likely finally fell asleep and slept for 2-3 days after being up for 3-4 days straight.

March 6, 2000

Okay. the weekend was fun. Drunk for the first time in about a year 1/2 or so. (remember I am 19 years old at this time) Don’t tell anyone though. (Really Kat- who is your journal going to “tell” SMH) It was fun. Went to Alex City. Everyone there was trying to be something they aren’t. There the people who make fun of you in public But behind closed doors they want to be your “friend” so to speak. Why can’t people just except things and each other. Everyone has good AND Bad points.


Okay. Tonight I smoked Opium. It’s a different feelings or either okay nevermind. I can’t think right now.
Later on found out it wasn’t opium at all but, dried up incents, still got a buzz though. Maybe it was cut.

I remember going to someones house in Alex City on that weekend in 2000. We were dressed in our kikwear jeans or better known as “rave clothes”. When we walked in I remember everyone whispering and could tell they were making fun of us. I got drunk because after all, who cared? Some of them were curious about us.. it was obvious we probably had stuff to share.. and we did…

I have no idea where the “opium” came from to know if it was fake or not when we smoked it. It was, later on, we were told it wasn’t- but whatever it was made enough impact for me to write about. I think about the crap kids are doing today...

I just want to scream “DON’T DO IT!” “IT’S NOT WORTH IT” “FIND NEW FRIENDS” The truth is- I had some of the best friends ever during that time. They watched out for me and other people in our “group” Until it became more than something to do recreationally… Until waking up depended on having what you needed to “wake up” and actually get out of bed. Making it to work meant getting high before, during lunch, in the bathroom, and of course, after work to celebrate making it through the day. Having things like food and electricity where optional.

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