febuary 29, 2000

Okay the last day of the month is upon us once again. Hold on I odn’t like this pen. Wait. In a few months or so I feel that my life will make another turning point. (1) me and Dave will find a new home and move porbably to Notasoga. My lawsuit with Pizza Pro will probably be settled after June or so, but I still try to look negative at that one subject. Excited I am very. I love Dave and Spaz. AK1200 play March 18th. That’s my Goal next month. Think I can make it! (I did make it FHAT PARTY)

Oh what a night!
Night after Gurrelia Beats Party!

I tell you the truth. Grammerly was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Pizza Pro was a local business that I worked at while I was in high school. I entered into a lawsuit with them for sexual harassment. I can not remember if I was still in school or already graduated when the lawsuit kicked off but I know it went on for years and was the worst thing (to start with) I had ever been through. All these women in the #metoo movement getting ridiculed for not speaking up sooner… I know why they don’t, gezzz lousie. You can wear a tape recorder to work and have others testify that it happened to them too and they still try to make YOU look like the one who asked for it. I can’t imagine being rich and famous or trying to start a career. It truly would have been easier to just walk away.. That’s not me though. They were wrong. Grown men and we were just kids (16 & 17), wrong is wrong except in lawsuits. It’s what you can prove, disprove, or how bad you can make someone look that really counts, no matter how old they are. As the lawsuit was nearing the end it didn’t help that I was becoming more and more strung out..

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