The month of love…

febuary 22, 2000 (I was not (still ain’t)a good speller)

Okay when someone gets a journal why do they never keep it up?! Or is that just me! Probably just me did I ever tell you where I live right now. 115 N Debarbaladen Apt 36 Auburn AL 36830 here I love the sceen. Most of the people are out there. But some are pretty cool. I have a wonderful boyfriend/soulmate we are perfect.

Well I guess that nothing would seem perfect but really what can I say is wrong. I don’t worry about money like I use to cause I know were gonna make it. We have this strong sick sence. Sometimes we can fell miles apart, but closeness dosen’t even describe our compatabily. We have a cat named Spaz who is pretty much out there somewhere. But we love her. She lets you love her on her own time!

to be quite honest we have alot of people who really like us. Or at least they call and want us to hang out all the time =) Whitch is cool. I guess were not to sociable really but I don’t care cause I know in the end it will just be Kat-n-Dave. Or rather Dave & Kat!

What happened to Valentines……………






when ever you grace something, it slaps you in the face nothing will ever break me & Dave everything can fall apart but as long as I have “us” I can make it threw anything…….I’m high…. Febuary 23, 2000

high this!

I loved Dave so very much and I honestly believe a part of me always will. I was 19 years old when I made this entry. I went from being a no one in high school with only a handful of friends to the girl… the couple.. that everyone wanted to hang out with. It was at this time everyone started calling me Kat. Dave and Kat. I can’t remember who started calling me Kat first, no one in school did. No one in Tallassee, AL did at that time. More than likely when I hear “Hey Katrina” its my parents or high school classmates. I loved Kat. She was confident, popular, funny, and invited to all the parties. I had the cool, laid back boyfriend, who was also super funny and always down for a good time. We respected everyone and it seemed, everyone respected us too.

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