Tuesday, 12/14/99

Notice the constant change in penmanship- ALL CAPS in this entry. No social media at this time. No texting. Typing or texting ALL CAPS is known as yelling in todays world.. I was yelling.. and didn’t even realize it…

As my own luck would have it, I’ve lost my job. Mon-Fri 8-5. It really wasn’t to bad. Why does it hafe-to be this way. If I want something or like something. It falls apart. I won’t let that happen w/ me -n- Dave. Have a Merry X-mas, How could they even say it. I just hope the New Year will bring forth peace, and happiness. I shall not get down on myself, emotions are the hardest to control. Sometimes I wish there was a switch to help me out.

Again Dec. 14th

It’s amazing how one altercation can change your course of direction. Before I know it my life is about to change again into another direction. Change could possibly be for the better by many means. People lose jobs everyday. It doesn’t mean that its the end of the day. Just a day period. God will take care of me!! A Dave will keep me strong.

New Yers. Resolution. $ Manage Money $

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