December 1999

Dec. 12th & Dec 13th 1999

A nephew is the coolest thing!! Makes you feel important in someones life. The relationship that I have with my aunt is really close. I hope that mine with Thomas J Buckner (T.J.) is just as wonderful.

Christmas time is here.


Januaray 2nd 2020

If bad grammar and incorrect punctuation bother you, better tighten your seat belt or better yet- get off the short bus . Now. 🙂

I was soooo excited about becoming an aunt! Aunts are the people you tell things you can’t tell your parents and do all the fun stuff with. They are basically like grandparents only younger.

My nephew is 21 now. Do I know him? No, not really. I don’t know his favorite color or music. How high school was for him. What he wants to do with his life. What his fears are. I have seen him probably 20 times or less his entire life. What I DO know is what I have seen on social media and what I have gathered from the conversations we have had together. I love him and he loves me- that I know.

21 years passed since I made the first journal entry that will start this blog and it just goes to show you, things do not go the way you think they are supposed to go in life.

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