End of a decade.

In 9 hours we will all be saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to a brand spanking new decade! Are you excited? I am! It’s not just a new year people. It’s a new decade! I am starting this new adventure with eyes wide open. All in and ready to go!

Upon the horizon I hear wedding bells, I see a beautiful wedding and an amazing honey moon with the man I fell in love with 20 years ago, a baby crying, fighting with my pre-teen about her clothes and for gosh sakes TAKE A BATH, co-parenting with my ex, panic attacks, tears of- why am I crying again?, questioning the 18 year old living in my house, why did I agree to another dog, and work? Oh don’t get me started! I love my job but this is not the place for that. Oh the happy times that await us..

I digress- If you are going to read my blogs I am giving you advanced notice. Pay attention. I will start something mid sentence and expect you to know what I am talking about and change directions in the blink of an eye. My bad.

My next post will start at the beginning. Well, the beginning of my journal entries.

December 12th 1999.


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