After three blog posts I feel it is important to clarify that this is being done for ME. This is something God has put on MY heart. For years I have struggled with where to start. I didn’t want to use anyone’s name and them be upset at me. I always thought the way my penmanship changed was important, but how do I share it where people can see it? I realize, more than ever, that I will receive judgement, criticism, and/or rejection as this continues. What I am trying very hard to do is keep the focus on what I have went through. Not who or what someone else did. I know people that have been through way more than I can imagine- but I have been through allot too.

If sharing this helps even one person to not give up- to God be the glory.

2 thoughts on “Clarification”

  1. One thing I’ve learned… you do what’s best for you! If God is leading you TO this HE will also lead you THROUGH this. IM PROUD OF YOU!! Help others while helping yourself! Joey is also there with you every step of the way. I love you both!

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    1. OH THANK YOU. I am literally crying trying to send this message. I appreciate your words. So so so much. Joey is my rock in this for sure, I most definitely couldn’t do it without him.


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