Clarity comes in the oddest moments…

I am half way through my 40 days of fasting from social media. I must say it has been a big relief…The first few days I felt lost.. like I didn’t know what was going on.. (I did keep candy crush, but I don’t use it.. that much LOL!) I have been using my Bible app everyday.. I figured out things I did not know it did.. A place to put prayers, then mark when answered.. Compare verses used in different versions of the Bible.. Connect with other believers and much more!

This morning as I was struggling mentally.. the last couple of days have been mixed emotions as I got my full mental diagnosis from my doctor on Tuesday (10/18/22). I opened my Bible app to do my study this morning it was on one simple word. Breathe. Breathe in God’s love, kindness, patience, joy, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness. Breathe out the anxiety, panic, hate, sorrow, GRIEF, sadness, and feelings of being unworthy. It said to keep my mouth closed and breathe in and out my nose.. praying these things.. What came to me? Clarity. I have been putting my hope in medications and supplements.. and while now my physical body is fighting to get off these things it is affecting my mind even more. Not in a good way either.

My God can rescue me. My hope is in Jesus Christ as I fight this.. The Lord knew that this battle was coming. It was not just an idea to fast social media.. 20 days after I began fasting I was seeing the doctor and devastated with the diagnosis and plans to change my meds.. Instead of running to “make a post” I ran to my Bible app and some of my sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord for these women!!

Jesus plans out every detail of our lives.. He knows what lies ahead. He knew I would need to completely look to Him to get me through this darkness.. heal my mental illness.. and I pray that SOON, He would take it all away.

God is in this story – by Big Daddy Weave and Katy Nichole

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