“Scars in Heaven”

Photo by Mike B on Pexels.com

The song “Scars in Heaven” written by Casting Crowns was released in 2022. When I heard it I cried, like it was written just for my mom. My mom had lots of scars. Visible and Invisible. Mom was hit by an ice cream truck when she was 5 years old (I believe that is the correct age) I remember seeing a black and white photo of her and all the casts and a body brace she was in. The wreck nearly took off her thumb, she had a large round scar above her ear where she was dragged and her hair was pulled from her scalp. She had many physical scares that I watched her hide my entire life.

When I was little she would let me brush her hair while we watched “Days of our Lives” It was then I saw the scar on her head and she told me what happened. She was going after an ice cream truck- crossed the road and was hit. During my mother’s life she endured many physical scars along the way….now she is in heaven and the only scars in heaven are on the hands that hold her now.

As long as we are alive on this earth we will get scars. Physical, mental, and emotional scars. This could be our own doing, the actions of someone else, or just simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time..

I have scars on my body from surgeries, injuries, etc. I also have scars on my heart and within my very soul. Some I caused myself, allowing hate in, grief, anger, resentment, jealousy, and the list goes on. I can not rightfully blame anyone for the long suffering I have endured. Though my mom was in no way a “quiet woman” she still suffered with her scars that could not be seen too. I enjoyed those talks we had after her brain surgery.. She told me so many things I never knew… and now cherish… As I listen to the recordings I made of her talking.. I missed so much, in that moment of her talking, now I hear her message so clearly… She kept saying after surgery “No one listens to me anymore” – So glad I recorded what I was missing her say at the time..

In the end she told me “I have made my peace with my Lord and I am ready when he calls me home”

After telling me this… she was gone less than a month later. Her words have stuck with me. I do not want to suffer with my scars until the very end. The Lord gave me a testimony, not to be used against me, but to share in the hope that His Love, His Mercy, His Grace, His Forgiveness be used as a witness to His children. We are called to bear each others burdens. Help the widows and children and those that have been “cast away” like I was. God will use His people. I am living proof of that.

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Job 12:10 

In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.

If I had only known the last time would be the last time
I would’ve put off all the things I had to do
I would’ve stayed a little longer, held on a little tighter
Now what I’d give for one more day with you
‘Cause there’s a wound here in my heart where something’s missing
And they tell me that it’s gonna heal with time
But I know you’re in a place where all your wounds have been erased
And knowing yours are healed is healing mine

~ Casting Crowns ~

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